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Is your new love interest Prince Charming or Prince Creepy?

Whether you are a teen first exploring romantic relationships or if you are an older adult returning to the dating scene after divorce, anyone can be tricked into believing her new love interest is Prince/Princess Charming.

We can be drawn in by the charm, the romance, the looks & the physical attraction.

Underneath this veneer, however, is Prince/Princess Creepy. They are waiting to reveal their true nature.

If you learn to listen to your inner voice and know how to identify red flags, you can stop a relationship like this before it starts.

If you are already in a relationship, it can be validating and empowering to recognize the warning signs even if you didn’t notice them before.

It can help you understand when it’s time to end a relationship or take some steps to repair it.

So how can you tell them apart?

Prince Creepy

  • Uses grand romantic gestures which violate your boundaries – Like, showing up at your home or work unannounced

  • Wants to know where you are all the time for your “safety”

  • Sweeps you off your feet – takes the relationship really fast

  • Influences you to spend less time with friends or family

  • Says they don't want to live without you

  • Tries to influence how you look, what you wear, how you style your hair

  • Pressures you to be more affectionate or sexual in ways you are uncomfortable

  • Says inappropriate or mean things when “joking”

  • Uses physical size or actions to intimidate or control your actions


Prince/Princess Charming:

  • Does romantic things which don’t violate your boundaries – Like sending flowers or arranging special dates

  • Is interested in how your day was and what you were doing

  • Respects the natural pace of the relationship

  • Encourages you to maintain your current relationships with friends and family

  • Makes you feel important or special

  • Does not pressure you to look a certain way

  • Respects your sexual and physical boundaries

  • Is always kind and respectful towards you and others

  • Allows you complete freedom to do what you want

Please feel free to contact me if this blog hits home and you'd like some help figuring out how to apply this knowledge to your life and your choices.

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