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Amanda J Chaney LCSW Experienced therapist

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) 

with over 20 years of experience working with clients as a therapist and social worker. With my diverse background in mental health and human services, I found my passion: helping clients of all ages find their strengths and discover satisfaction, peace and happiness in their lives. I specialize in guiding female identified clients through difficult life transitions from from young adulthood to retirement. I enjoy working with male clients who find my specialties to be a good match as well.


Are you feeling stuck? 


Some common issues that can lead to unhappiness: 

  • Influence of cultural expectations/role dissatisfaction

  • Developmental stages of life (young adulthood, middle age etc)

  • Low Self esteem

  • Body image concerns

  • Relationship problems

  • Post-partum adjustment & mood disorders

  • Defining and creating boundaries

  • Recovery from emotional, physical or sexual abuse

  • High conflict relationships

My work is client driven and focused on your strengths. My style is relational and eclectic, drawing on diverse therapeutic styles and concepts such as cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and problem solving, so I can fine tune our work to your needs. I believe that change is a result of understanding our personal patterns and the discovery of strengths and motivation. My clients and I work collaboratively to find the source of problems and discover the influence of background and mental health on behaviors and decisions. Our relationship is the foundation of therapy. Time together in therapy is a crucial part of changing life outside of the therapy room. Expect to do some homework and make positive changes.

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